Brazilian publisher and distributor of educational, business and entertainment software, Divertire started up operations in 1998 and is headquartered in São Paulo, the largest city in the country.

Paulo Roque, founder of BraSoft, one of the largest publishers and distributors of corporate software and computer games (1984 to 2002) in Brazil, has founded and is in command of Divertire.

Mr. Roque has over 20 years of experience in the industry and is responsible for the sale of over 1,000 titles and 10 million software copies. He has published and distributed in Brazil software designed by close to 100 different companies including Mindscape, The Learning Company, Novalogic, LucasArts, Vivendi, Universal (SierraOnline, Blizzard, Dinamix), Electronic Arts, UbiSoft, Microprose/Hasbro, Interplay, among others, not to mention Microsoft, IBM, Novell and Oracle.

He began working in the software industry in 1984, when he released the word processor WordStar in Portuguese. Six years later, he amazed the Brazilian entertainment market by releasing the first computer games. By 1995, BraSoft was still the only publisher and distributor of computer games in Brazil.

In 2002 Paulo Roque sold off BraSoft, but has not abandoned the information technology market, now running the company which retains the Divertire trademark.

Currently, Divertire has an exclusive agreement with The Learning Company/Riverdeep, a world leader in educational software.

Divertire also has a business division that carries utility titles, such as anti-spam, printing, pdf and Internet security solutions.

Divertire Editora Ltda
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Divertire's localisation team works with professionals from different areas, such as programming, dubbing, lip synchrony, translation, adaptation, education, creation and desktop publishing.

For educational titles, Brazilian laws require that software be available in Portuguese. All products are suitable for inclusion in school curricula and are tested extensively to assure users of educational and entertainment values and quality levels prior to launching them on the market.


Divertire markets its products at over 1,000 point of sales and outlets throughout the country, based on:

> direct service to the largestaccounts. Divertire is the major educational software supplier to supermarkets, bookstores, computer and software stores, toy stores. Among the clients, multinational corporations, such as Wal Mart, Carrefour, FNAC, as well as Brazil’s largest retailer networks, such as Extra, Saraiva, Kalunga, Livrarias Curitiba, Lojas Americanas and Ri-Happy to name a few.

> telemarketing team, working throughout Brazil.

> regional representatives and subcontracted distributors in several states.

> Product promoters who work directly with schools.Marketing

> Development of point-of-sale, promotional kits and product promoters.

> Specialised training for product promoters and demonstration teams.

> Participation in major Brazilian educational and information technology trade shows, such as Educar, Educando, Educativa, Saber, Bienal do Livro (Book Fair), Fenasoft (Information Technology Show), Kids e Teens Festival.

> Active participation at school book fairs nationwide.

> Advertisements in the catalogues of Brazil's most important retailers.

> Extensive publicity of our titles through a top qualified media and public relations company.

> Newsletters to our mailing list (end users registered by Divertire’s Technical Support).

> New, attractive website.

> Special activities at shopping centres and magazine marketing actions.

Technical Support

All products distributed by Divertire are warranted, and technical support is provided by a professional team.

Educational Product Line

The company has an educational product line, with 40 current titles.

The Reader Rabbit Collection is a sales leader in the children's software market.
Its charismatic main character, Reader Rabbit, fascinates andentertains children. This
educational and enjoyable product series provides fascinating settings and challenges to hold children's attention for hours. The first title was launched in Brazil in 1998 and the series continues to increase in market share. Currently sales total roughly 30,000 copies a year.

A strong marketing communications channel is the school market, where the products are used inside the classroom, which in turn influences purchases by parents.

In 2001, following the series, Divertire launched the fully localised version of "The Clue Finders", aimed at the older children. The four Clue Finders titles help to develop logical thinking and enhance learning of 10 to 14-year old children to 6th Grade. The surprising mysteries and beautifully illustrated scenarios ranging from locations in Ancient Egypt to forests, islands and the underground world, have made The Clue Finders a sales success.

In 2002 Divertire launched on the domestic market an adaptation of three more educational works. Based on the books and TV cartoon series "Arthur", these tittles will please children, parents and teachers.

Business Product Line

In 2003, Divertire started a new division that focus the corporate market. The new line has expanded Divertire's product and service catalogue with the launch of an anti-spam solution and fully localised versions of excellent utility titles, such as FinePrint, pdfFactory and pdfFactory Pro. Our business titles simplify the everyday work tasks, saving time and money, issues that are always taken into consideration by every succesful company.

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